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GlobalOne Assists has its foresights set on being the Number One choice of holiday-makers, medical tourists and international students in Malaysia. With a penchant for everything local, its members will never have to worry about where to stay, eat, visit or seek for help when in Malaysia. Our Tourist Assist Programme

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Sign-up as a member of the the GlobalOne Assist programme to enjoy its benefits:

  • Worry-free Flight Booking Changes, Airport Transfers and Missing Baggage Follow-ups
  • Reasonably-priced Taxi Services, Experience Local Public Transport Lines, Recommended Convenient Interstate Travelling
  • Affordable Hotel Stays, Value-Added Tour Packages
  • Emergency Medical Assistance and Police Intervention
  • Steadfast Legal Assistance

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All these are just ONE phone call away and language is no barrier here at GlobalOne as our trained personnel can converse in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese dialects and even Middle Eastern languages!


Here at GlobalOne Assist, we have our hearts set on making tourists feel safe while being miles away from home. Our service and assistance are aimed to make Malaysia a non-hesitant choice of travelers. The assistance

Besides a sense of security, GlobalOne also aspires to provide the freedom of easy-traveling. Our wide range of partnerships are aimed to provide the best assistance and referrals to our members with just one phone call.and referrals provided by GlobalOne Assist will allow members to travel more confidently and provide them an enriching local experience at a local price.





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